Unlimited Campaigns

Create as many campaigns as you want, as often as you want


Lets you see the big picture for all of your campaigns, showing you statistics at-a-glance

Unlimited Contact Lists

Import as many lists as you want. These lists can be used by any of your campaigns.

Unlimited List Categories

Classify your lists any way you want, by client (if you offer this as a service to other businesses) or by Niche – or classify your lists any other way that makes sense to you.

Unlimited Voicemail Messages

Create a new voicemail message for each list, or use the same voicemail message for multiple lists, or create multiple voicemail messages for the same list. It is up to you what you want to do.

Unlimited Schedules

Create as many customized schedules as you wish. Each list can have its own custom schedule if you wish.

Unlimited Caller IDs

Use as Caller ID whichever phone number you want the return call to be sent to for any given list. You can have them go directly to a business number or to a tracking number or wherever else you wish.


Priced within reach of every business, large or small, and even individuals who are just starting out. Everyone can afford this service, and everyone can benefit from this service.

Cost Effective

Only few pennies per successful voicemail drop..

Fast & Efficient

contact hundreds or thousands in a matter of hours or days, how many or how fast is totally up to you

Custom Delivery Schedule

Ability to define custom delivery dates & times for any of your messages


Ability to pause or reactivate any given campaign whenever you wish

Link to Call Portal

Ability to link to your Call Portal account for a huge range of additional features, including tracking the Callback % statistics.

Customized Calls per Day for each list

Ability to define how many calls per day are delivered (so you or your clients don’t get too overwhelmed by incoming calls during any given period).

Clone Campaigns

Ability to clone any campaign, making it easy to set up a similar campaign with the least amount of effort

FTC & TCPA Compliant

Since your message goes directly to voicemail and is not a phone call answered by the other person, this system is fully compliant with the governing agencies

Ability to Request Custom Phone Lists

Need custom business or consumer lists? Submit your request and our data specialists will help create the lists you need.

Script Wizard Provides Done-For-You Master Scripts with One-Click Customization

One-click personalized Done-For-You Scripts ready for you to use use in seconds.

Select any of the Master Scripts provided, and instantly it is customized with your own information. Make any changes you want, or use it as is.

Click the Record button and in minutes your voicemail message can be ready to go.

Done-For-You VoiceMail Recordings

Are you uncomfortable recording your own scripts to use or do you have a heavy accent? No matter the reason, we can record it for you.

After creating your script, simply click the button to request that it be recorded by someone else. Male or Female voice, that is up to you.

As soon as your recording is ready, it will appear in your account, ready for you to use.

Easily Record Your Audio Via Any Method You Prefer

With Silent Prospector, you have total freedom to record your audio by any method you like. If you want to record your message and save it to a file which you upload, that is fine. If you prefer to record the audio via phone or via web, we provide the tools to do that as well.

And if you want someone else to record your script for you, we offer that as well. With so many options, everyone is able to quickly and easily generate a recording to use with Silent Prospector.

Additional Source of Income With Your Own White Label (Private Label) Version

For a limited time, you can create your own customized, White Label version of Silent Prospector. This means that you can brand Silent Prospector and offer the tool to other businesses under YOUR name, on YOUR website and at prices YOU define. Any payments made by your clients go directly to YOU.

We also created a Done-For-You website theme for your sales website so you can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

We even implemented a system to allows people to buy directly from a link on your website, and as soon as their payment is successful, their account will be created automatically and they will receive an email with their login information without your needing to be involved in the middle. And since they pay monthly for the service, YOUR account can receive a continual flow of monthly payments.

Easily Test Your Voicemail Message Before Using It on a Live Campaign

Easily test your message before activating your campaign. Just enter the cell phone number where you want to receive the test voicemail message and click Submit.

The voicemail message will be dropped into your voicemail box so you can listen to it and make sure it the way you want. When you are happy with your voicemail message, you are all ready to use it in your campaigns.

Detailed Campaign Reports Display Voicemail Delivery Statistics

Campaign reports provide the details for each campaign, letting you know how many successful voicemail drops were made, how many numbers were unabel to be reached with a ringless voicemail (usually because they are landlines, not cell phone numbers).

If call tracking is enabled, the campaigns will also show how many call backs resulted, as well as the statistical percentage of call backs (making it very easy to see the effectiveness of each campaign).

Instant Access to Reports Tracking Call Backs

Silent Prospector can be instantly integrated to The Call Portal or CallCID, enabling you or your white label clients to see how effective each campaign is, and who called back.

Get real-time reports on who called back, how long the conversation lasted, and even record the calls if you wish.

Use the report to maximize the ROI, so you and your clients can continue to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Easily Add Phone Numbers to a Blacklist

Need to make sure that you never call certain numbers?

Easily add them to a blacklist and never worry about them being contacted from then on, even if any of the numbers appear in a call list.

Easily Create New White Label Client Accounts Manually as Well as Automatically

Although your white label version has the abiity to automatically creat new accounts during the purchase process, somethings you may want to create a new account manually. This is very simple to do.

Within a couple minutes you can create a new company, customize how much access they will receive, customize what they will be charged and what they will receive in return. This makes it simple to handle special cases without needing to create a special purchase link that will be only one time.

And with the link to the payment processor, the new client will be unable to actually log in and begin working with the tools until they have successfully paid.

Validate Mobile Numbers versus Landlines

Silent Prospector is able to identify which numbers are cell numbers and which are landlines,. This eliminates the typical requirement to separate the list before uploading it.

Since you are charged for only successful voicemail drops, you do not have to worry about having linkline phone numbers in your call list. When you activate your campaign, the program will feed your call list through a very powerful process which will separate the cell numbers from the landlines.This lets you see at-a-glance how your phone list is divided by type.

Pre-Qualify Live Leads with Voice Broadcaster's Automated Outbound Call Campaigns

Because ringless voicemail never rings the cell phone and does not involve any cost to the recipient, it is legal to use ringless voicemail to message any cell numbers, whether business or consumer.

Landlines are different, since dialing a landline will always cause the phone to ring. So you are allowed to market only to businesses and not consumers if you are contacting a landline number.

Voice Broadcaster is the solution. With Voice Broadcaster, your initial contact with business landlines is an automated message that enables the recipient to press 1 to be instantly connected with a live agent. So you never have to hear the instant "No" responses time after time. Instead, you need talk only to those who were interested enough to press 1.

Since most landlines also have voicemail ability, Voice Broadcaster will also leave your custom voicemail message if no one answers the phone and it goes to voicemail.