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  • What is Silent Prospector?
  • How does the silent prospector work?

    Silent Since a cell phone is actually a small mobile computer, Silent Prospector is able to get your pre-recorded message from our cloud server computer to their computer without needing the user to answer the phone first. So the phone does not ring, but your message is delivered and waiting for the user to play their voicemail messages.
  • What about Compliance issues with the FTC and the TCPA?
  • Is this considered a Robo call?
  • Where do we get the list of cell phone numbers?
  • How Many Caller ID numbers can I have in one account?
  • How many Ringless Voicemail messages can I have Silent Prospector deliver for me per month?
  • How many different contacts or contact lists can I have?
  • Can I create a custom delivery schedule for my local area?
  • I have The Call Portal. Can I link Silent Prospector to The Call Portal to take advantage of all the additional tools I have there?